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Our Agreements

As the Performing Arts Council, we agree to encourage and facilitate collaboration and success through:

Effective communication

  • Openness to express a concern to the entire group.
  • Always communicate with the entire group (avoid side conversations).
  • Willingness to actively listen.
  • Maintain open dialogue.

Using effective modes of communication

  • Introduce agenda(s) via email to support accurate and clear ideas and goals.
  • Where challenging issues arise, schedule face-to-face meetings to avoid miscommunication and potential conflicts.
  • Follow-through with emails for any related work and assignments. 

Maintain mutual respect

  • Treat others as you want to be treated.
  • Always focus on the vision and goal to help students have transfer success and be willing to adjust to support that goal.


  • Be flexible.
  • Use technology (Zoom, Canvas, Slack, etc.)

Integrated Project

  • Incorporate Dance, Music, Media and Theater into our RTS project.

What we want to see with this RTS Project

  • ROBERT: Understanding the benefits of a performing arts Bachelors degree at CSUCI for VCCCD schools.
  • ANITRA: Create and encourage a resurgence of visual and performing arts in the community and through the colleges/universities.
  • SCOTT: Creating an online Visual and Performing Arts "HUB" between CSUCI, Moorpark, Ventura, Oxnard and the Ventura County community to share ideas, experiences and education pathways.