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Performing Arts Group Proposal

Performing Arts Cohort Proposal and Goals

Curriculum and data gathering on the performing arts degree

  • Curriculum
    • Compare AA at the community college level with CSUCI for matriculation
    • Compare and contrast other CSU transfer models with CSUCI
  • What are the career/academic pathways for the Performing Arts Degree at CSUCI
    • How does this apply to the community college transfer students?

Collaborative Performance

  • Incorporate various disciplines into a performance in Spring to be hosted by Moorpark college
  • Will include a performing arts transfer Q&A
  • Invite Cohort Members from all ALAS Cohorts to participate in a panel for the Q&A

Documentation / Promotion

  • Create a media promotional piece that focuses on student perspective for transfer and arts awareness
  • Behind-the-scenes documenting the cohort’s process to be shared with other cohorts and placed on the VTLC
  • Document the Spring 2019 collaborative performance

Arts Hub

  • Create a website that will hold all performing arts events in one site across all four colleges
  • Include student to student forum
  • Include documentary film on the site
  • Designate and train representatives from each college to continually add content
  • Find funding/hosting for the site

Proposed Timeline

  • Arts Hub published by March 2019
  • Collaborative Performance End of April 2019

Budget Considerations

  • Website Domain/Hosting
  • Flyers for the Performance?