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Connecting Practice with Mission - Keynote Session 2016

Connecting Practice with Mission: High-Impact Practices as a Bridge to Quality, Equity, and Student Success

Join us as Dr. Ashley Finley expores how Connecting Practice with Mission enhance learning and engagement. A university, for example, might require that all students are familiar with certain knowledge, such as civic organization and government, digital technology, quantitative reasoning, or composition.

Friday, November 4, 2016 - 1 PM - 1:45 PM

 - Dr. Ashley Finley - Keynote Speaker

Dr. Ashley Finley is the associate vice president of academic affairs & dean of the Dominican Experience at Dominican University of California and the national evaluator for the Bringing Theory to Practice (BTtoP) Project. She was the senior director of assessment and research at AAC&U and is currently an AAC&U senior fellow. Finley's research and campus-based work focuses on connecting best practices for program implementation, assessment design, and inclusive excellence with institutional goals and strategic planning.

She has published a number of articles, book chapters, and monographs, including Civic Learning and Teaching; Assessing Underserved Students Engagement in High-Impact Practices; and Well-Being: An Essential Outcomes for Higher Education.” In her role with Bringing Theory to Practice, Dr. Finley has worked with campuses to implement and assess programs focused on the intersection of emphases attendant to the whole student their engagement in learning, civic development, and psychosocial well-being. Before joining AAC&U, she was an assistant professor of sociology at Dickinson College, where she taught courses in quantitative methods, social inequality, and gender in Latin America.