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Interest Groups

Group Name Description
Cohort 5 2018-2019

Hello Cohort 5,

Please find important documents and information on this page throughout the year. We will be sure to update this regularly with new info for your records.


CI Sociology Transfer Success Team

Brief description

CI Communication Transfer Success Team

Brief description

Performing Arts Disciplinary Fellows

Fellows in this learning community will share information to increase transfer success through collaborative discussion on curriculum, cross-promoting events, and exchanging innovative teaching practices. Our goals are to facilitate a stronger performing arts community by integrating the...

Undergraduate Research

Fellows in this learning community (LC) will share information and assess the state of interdisciplinary undergraduate research opportunities and practices across participating institutions to identify barriers to and opportunities for greater transfer success. Fellows will develop and implement...

Mathematics Disciplinary Fellows

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Local OC Fellows HIPsters

This is the Oxnard College local group which focuses on High Impact Practices.

FIG (Faculty Inquiry Group) at Moorpark College

Faculty get together to discuss books related to important topics within pedagogy, equity, student-centered learning, et al.

Moorpark College Professional Development

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2017-18 ALL Faculty Fellows

This is where we can post things for the whole fellows group.