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Alignment of Academic Advising and Counseling Services Across-Institutions

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Fellows in this learning community (LC) will share information and assess the state of advising and counseling across participating institutions for barriers to transfer success. Fellows in this LC together will study best practices from research and other institutions to better develop and implement plans of actions, changes, and/or develop and institute practices that enhance transfer success.

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Hi All, It was a pleasure meeting and collaborating with you all! Although, we just met I wanted to make a comment regarding this event. It is a great idea and I am excited to see it happen. However, I think it would be most beneficial if we could also invite faculty program advisors in an effort to learn more about requirements and "whats next". Breakout sessions would be ideal with the different majors. Thoughts?

10/5/2018 (Friday) CI Boating Center 12-1pm 11/2/2018 (Friday) Oxnard College 3-4pm 12/1/2018 (Saturday) Location TBA 8-9am

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