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Faculty Summit of the Sociology Regional Council was held on February 23rd, 2018 at California State University, Channel Islands. The purpose of the regional faculty summits is to promote communication and coordination across our regional institutions – Oxnard College, Ventura College, and CSU Channel Islands. Faculty in all three programs share a common goal of increasing the rates of transfer, and, more importantly, increasing the success of those students who do choose to transfer to CSUCI or any four-year institution The focus of the first Faculty Summit was to discuss curriculum related issues with an eye toward transfer success, including issues of curricular articulation, reflection on common courses from the standpoint of student success, and explore student expectations and identify areas of challenges. Participants included Leslie Abell (CSU Channel Islands), Danny Armanino, (CSU Channel Islands), (Mariana Branda, Ventura College), Dennis Downey (CSU Channel Islands), Jesus Gonzalez (CSU Channel Islands), Daniela Graves (Ventura College), Reha Kadakal (CSU Channel Islands), Lauri Moore (Ventura College), Lindsey Trimble O’Connor (CSU Channel Islands), Dolores Ortiz (Oxnard College), Juan Pitones (Oxnard College), Monica Rivas (CSU Channel Islands), Luis Sánchez (CSU Channel Islands), Ioana Schmidt (Ventura College), Elizabeth Sowers (CSU Channel Islands).

Sociology Alumni Career Panel was held on 3/7/2018 at CSU Channel Islands. Five career professionals who graduated from CSU Channel Islands with a Sociology degree shared their insights on career choices and experiences in the field. As a part of the Alumni Career Panel, a campus tour of the CSU Channel Islands was provided to students who were considering transferring to CSU Channel Islands.