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Who We Are

Welcome to the Virtual Teaching and Learning Collective (V-TLC). The V-TLC is a regional online resource for faculty and student development that is a cooperative effort with California State University Channel Islands, Ventura County Community College District (Moorpark College, Oxnard College, Ventura College), and Santa Barbara City College.   This resource virtually:

  • Builds communities of faculty and student learners.
  • Supports our regional efforts of aligning to one degree.
  • Fosters a culture of transfer success.  

We, the faculty members in our region, sustain collective efforts to share and implement effective pedagogy, including culturally responsive teaching theories and practices.  Collective efforts include cross-institutional:

  • Course alignment.
  • GE planning and development.
  • Infusion of “High Impact Practices” and active learning within disciplines and/or across the curriculum.

The V-TLC provides both an online venue and repository for faculty to develop, document, and share their effective practices.  The V-TLC is designed to allow regional faculty to join work groups based on disciplines or pedagogical approaches and to collectively work across the institutions to exchange information on practices, curriculum development, research in their fields, and the related scholarship of teaching and learning. The most effective efforts of these work groups are eventually archived and publically posted. Also, the V-TLC announces, registers, archives, and posts the presentations from the annual regional Transfer Success Summit and other regional professional development opportunities offered through and open to the participating colleges.  If you are a faculty member at one of our participating colleges, please join in one of our many work groups, check our calendar of upcoming events, or review our archive of past events. 

The V-TLC has been developed through Project ALAS (Aligning Learning and Academic Success), a Title V Federally funded cooperative grant with CSU Channel Islands and the Ventura County Community College District.